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This Week for Girls Bball

This Week:

Monday (2/26):
DV practice 4 to 5 pm; 5:30 pm Lady Patriots ALUMNI GAME!!! MS practice 7 to 9 pm

Tuesday (2/27):
MS/JV/Varsity practice 7 to 9 pm

Thursday (2/29): DV practice 4 to 5 pm; MS practice 4:30 to 6:30 pm; JV/Varsity practice 5 to 7 pm

Friday (3/1): JV/Varsity practice 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Heritage United Methodist on Leesville Road; DV playoff game at 6 pm vs Wildcats @ LCA; Swing Dance at 7-10:30 pm at Hyland Heights Baptist Church


Next Week:


The HSPN East Coast Home School Nationals Tournament is our season finale! Our MS team will play a total of 3 games and our JV & varsity teams will have 5 games- the first three are “pool” games and the win/loss record and point spreads of those games determine the seeding in the appropriate level bracket; the last two games are bracket games.


Please be aware that games are held at three different facilities- Rocky Top Sports World (1870 Sports World Blvd, Gatlinburg, TN 37738-2501), the Gatlinburg Community Center (156 Proffitt Rd, Gatlinburg, TN 37738) (you can walk from Rocky Top to the community center) and Pittman Center Elementary School (2455 East Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37738) (just a few minutes drive from Rocky Top). The website for the tournament is https://www.hspn.net/ect/east-coast-nationals.asp if you want more information.


One of our REQUIRED team activities is volunteering to help with the tournament. We have helped with the tournament for a long time- it is a fundraiser for us and gives us preference getting into the tournament and the tournament needs the help to make it a success. Everyone will be given times when they are voluntold to help with a variety of tasks- Cindy and Kari put a lot of time into getting us organized for this (thanks to them!) so all you need to do is show up when you are scheduled. The task schedule will be sent out once it is finalized- typically they schedule everyone to avoid the times when their children are playing. Most of the tasks are pretty simple but ask if you have questions- those families that have been to the tournament before are familiar with what needs to be done.


Sunday (3/3): Those staying in the team cabin are welcome to arrive anytime after 4:30 pm; we will play some games and hangout Sunday evening and those not staying in the team cabin are welcome to come over and hang out anytime as well as eat meals with us for free (just let Jenn Kuhn know if you haven’t already that your family will be eating with us). Thanks to Jenn for arranging the team cabin and all our food for us!


Monday (3/4): DV practice 4 to 5 pm if they play Tuesday; MS game 4:30 pm @ Rocky Top court 1 (wear white)

Tuesday (3/5):
DV playoff game at 6 pm @ LCA; MS plays at 8:30 am @ Rocky Top court 4 (wear white); Varsity plays at 11:15 am @ Rocky Top court 4 (wear blue); JV plays 1:30 pm @ community center (wear white); varsity plays at 8 pm @ Rocky Top court 5 (wear white); JV plays at 9:30 pm @ Rocky Top court 1 (wear blue)

Wednesday (3/6): MS will play their last HSPN game at either 9 or 10:30 am depending on prior game results; JV plays at 1:30 pm @ Rocky Top court 2 (wear blue); varsity plays at 3 pm @ Rocky Top court 5 (wear blue); POOL PLAY FOR JV/VARSITY is complete at this point- the last two games are bracket games, times TBD based on seeding from pool play results

Thursday (3/7): DV championship game at 6 pm @ LCA; JV will play at either 9 am or 10:30 am @ either Rocky Top or community center; Varsity could play anywhere from 9 am to 4:30 pm @ Rocky Top

Friday (3/8): JV will play at either 9 am or 1:30 pm @ Rocky Top; Varsity will play at either 10:30 am, 3 pm or 4:30 pm @ Rocky Top

Saturday (3/9): Clean up cabin & safe travels home- checkout is 10 am!